Product Promise and Guarantee

Deliverable Length: 500 – 600 words (3 paragraphs)

Review and reflect on the knowledge you have gained from this course. Based on your review and reflection, write at least 3 paragraphs on the following:

  • What were the most compelling topics learned in this course?
  • How did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified?
  • What approaches could have yielded additional valuable information?
  • The main post should include at least 1 reference to research sources, and all sources should be cited using APA format.

Course Description:

This course delves into the principles of sales and advertising within psychological and sociological contexts. The course examines sales, sales force management, and factors related to improving sales within organizations. Advertising, brand promotion, image development and maintenance, and customer awareness of branding are presented to further understanding of consumer behaviors. Students evaluate the advertising and promotion processes, as well as, the implementation and evaluation of advertising strategies. Students explore how customer satisfaction can be obtained and measured. Students learn of the many ways that consumers develop awareness of their choices of goods and services. The course focuses on utilizing knowledge of consumer behaviors to drive improved sales and critically evaluate advertising options.


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